My Favourite Things

On Tuesday the 28th October a group of Grade 3 & 4 children went into to the city to perform at The Edge at Federation Square. We performed infront of 3 other school groups and parents and teachers. Mrs van der Velden was our fearless leader and led us into song. We sang ‘Funga Alafia, Sin Je Je, and We are many and we are one.’ A group of grade 4 girls taught the audience some Indian dance moves and everyone really enjoyed our performance.

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Iranian Art with Kosar

Yousif’s Mum Kosar is an artist and she came to work with us on a some a collaborative art piece that is going to be displayed at the Dandenong Plaza. Kosar brought in tiles that were a part of a Persian Pattern from Iran. Kossar showed us how to keep our colour seperate and taught us different painting techniques. Today we went to the unveiling of the project at the Dandenong Market. We got our photo taken with the completed art work and Kosar and we also sang ‘Funga Alafia’ and ‘We are many and we are one.’

Grade 3 students working with Kosar on their art pieces

The finished piece of art at the unveiling at Dandenong Plaza

The finished piece of art at the unveiling at Dandenong Plaza



Tiptoe through the Tulips

A very long time ago (well it seems like ages ago) some of the year 3 students planted some tulip bulbs in the garden area in front of the year 3 unit. They have cared for the site by weeding the area snd putting up signs asking other students to keep out of the garden. As the bulbs began to sprout and grow, the excitement and expectations of the students has grown as well. This week some of the flowers bloomed. As you can see they are a very colourful addition to the area. Hopefully they will still be in flower when the students return to school next Monday.



Fun at Forest Edge Camp 2014

On Wednesday 17th September 40 very excited year 3 and 4 students set off for the year 3 and 4 camp at Forest Edge, Neerim East (about 90 minutes drive away from school). Over the next three days the students took part in a range of camp activities including the flying fox, archery, camp cooking, hut building  and a very picturesque bush walk. The students had a great time.  Although the weather was a little wet at times, the students were still able to participate in most of the programmed activities. The camp staff were highly complementary of the students, in particular their beautiful manners during meal times. for many of the students this was the first time they had been away from their family for an extended period and although some were a little nervous, they all looked after themselves and each other really well . Here are some photos of the happy campers.



Camp Wooranna – Shark and Ray centre

Today some of the Grade 3/4 students went on an excursion to the Shark and Ray Centre in Dandenong. We got to feed and touch the sharks and rays, some were rough, some were slimy and some felt like leather. There were gummy sharks, Port Jackson sharks, leopard rays, estuary rays, tawny nurse sharks and a black sting ray.

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Ali: We went to the Shark and Ray Centre and at first I was so, so scared because I thought the sharks were going to eat me. There were big and little sharks and big and little rays. I went in with the little rays first because I was nervous. When they came close to me I was holding Nicole’s hand because I was scared and Hussnain was scared. But at the end I wasn’t scared and I went in with the big, big rays and one was name Diablo. I faced my fears. On of the sharks that we weren’t allowed to hop in with was 3.5 metres long.

Fiona D: When we got into the Shark and Ray Centre I felt nervous and excited. I was very scared and very cold when I just had my bathers on. The Fiddler Rays had two fins at the tail and zebra patterns on their face.

Risinu: I felt very nervous at the start but then I began to feel not so nervous. I wasn’t sure about the Fiddler Ray because it tickled me. The Port Jackson Shark licked my leg. I fed two rays and a Port Jackson shark.

Ian: I was really excited but when I got in the pool with the Fiddler Rays I started shaking because they kept on going on my feet. I thought one of the rays bit me but it was only sucking on my knee. It was really fun.

Yanni: When I hopped in the water I felt brave and confident but in the big pool I was a bit nervous because of the sharks. We got told about Gigantor which is a humongous shark. It was very fun.

Yousif: When I went in the huge shark swimming pool one of the spotted sharks flicked water at me with its tail!

Tarik: The thing I like A LOT about the rays was that they felt like carpet. The name of the sting ray was the Fiddler Ray. I was so nervous. The think I liked was the Tawny Nurse Shark because it has over 200 teeth. It was incredible! It can camoflauge itself in the sand because it looks like sand.





Singing and sea life

On the 29th of August Grade 3 headed off to the city as the Commonwealth Bank invited us to perform some of the songs and chants we have learnt with Marianna during our time in Songroom. Many of the Commonwealth Bank staff donate money from their weekly wage to Songroom. We sang a variety of songs and Hafiz and Jasmine led the ‘Scooby Doo’ chant with the audience joining in. We were really proud of the students and the effort they put in, there were hours of rehersals before we went.  We were also lucky enough to go to the Aquarium which the Commonwealth Bank paid for.

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IMG_2578 IMG_2587 IMG_2612 IMG_2614

IMG_2597 IMG_2637 IMG_2598IMG_2561

Alison: “At the aquarium I enjoyed looking at the sharks and fish. I loved the opportunity we had to go and perform as a big group.”

Nathan B: “I really liked looking at the sharks when we were in the aquarium. When we sang I was feeling a bit shy but as the performance went on I got a lot more confident.”

Salma: “”Singing at the Commonwealth Bank made me feel happy, when the audience cheered for us I was very proud of myself.”

Hafiz: “When we went to the aquarium it was interesting when I felt the sea stars because I didn’t realise they were squishy. When I performed ‘Boom Chicka Boom’ and was the leader I was so proud of myself because I am usually a bit shy.”


Fun With Fractions

This week the year 3 students participated in workshops designed to help them understand fractions of a whole. The students started with a circle (one whole) and folded the circle to make fractions such as halves, quarters, eighths and for some of the more adventurous, sixteenths. The students then used the fractions to make a picture. Here are some of the pictures that they made.

 IMG_0135 IMG_0136 IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0139 IMG_0140 IMG_0141 IMG_0142 IMG_0143

The Roald Dahl Club

We have been reading ‘The Witches’ written by Roald Dahl, after lunch time everyday. There is a group of children that have really enjoyed this and have decided to begin reading some of the other Roald Dahl books during silent reading.

The Roald Dahl Book Club

The Roald Dahl Book Club

Ali: I love listening to Vicki and Mrs van der Velden read The Witches to us, because they use expression, make it funny and they become the characters in the book.

Connor: I am reading George’s Marvellous Medicine, it is really funny. Roald Dahl has a really good mind.

Tevi: Fantastic Mr Fox has some scary parts which I really like.

Brian and Tarik: We are reading The Twits. It’s really funny how they try to prank each other all of the time.

Ali: I am reading The Magic finger. The characters seem real and you can imagine the pictures in your head.

The Stephanie Alexander Chefs have been baking.

This week we focussed on the properties or yeast by baking bread.

Students learnt to knead the dough and saw the yeast get activated.

Reading the recipe

Reading the recipe

Weighing 500g of plain flour

Weighing 500g of plain flour

Measuring 200ml of warm water to activate the yeast

Measuring 200ml of warm water to activate the yeast

Kneading the dough

Kneading the dough

Freshly baked bread

Freshly baked bread

A big Thank You to Barb O’Rourke for helping our group today, we really appreciate it.





Behind the News

In Grade 3 we using BTN to enhance our knowledge of current events around the world. We watch a new episode every Tuesday morning and are now learning to take notes while we are watching. During Learning Agreement we can choose an episode and comment on the website.



Alison: I like BTN because it’s the kind of news that kids can listen to it and understand. The presenters take their time and explain, adult news goes too fast. Having all the pictures help. I really enjoyed the AIDS awareness story as I want to be a doctor. You get HIV from blood and bodily fluids, you don’t catch it like a cold.



Yousif: I like seeing what’s happening around the world. I like doing it by myself.